The Conference of Allegheny Providers (CAP) begun in 1987. The mission of CAP is the same today as it was in 1987; To improve, participate in, and help implement planning and vision: Continue advocacy at local, state and federal level coordination of these services throughout the Allegheny County.

During the first year, CAP members were the Agency Administrators of the (then) Base Service Units.

In the second year, CAP membership was opened to all agencies that had a contract with the County Department of Human Services and were a 501(c)(3) organization. Initially, only the Executive Committee met and when necessary would meet with County officials on behalf of the entire membership.

Today, CAP members meet first as sub-committees ( Behavioral Health; Developmental Disabilities; Children’s; Legislative and Human Resources) and then meet to discuss/act on issues affecting any/all of the sub-groups.


Listed below are the past presidents of CAP

  • Ray Webb
  • Mel Haber
  • Tom Gregory
  • Jim Kirk
  • Fran Sheedy
  • Beth Monteverde
  • Stephen Christian- Michaels
  • Denise Cavenaugh
  • Noreen Fredrick
  • Kathy Yarzebinski
  • James Wyler  – Current President